Smartest dogs in the world

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 in Mind and senses



Smartest at maths

In this video, a Jack Russell called Maggie appears to be able to count and do basic arithmetic. We’re not sure if Maggie has just been exceptionally well trained or this is some sort of elaborate trick. Not that it matters, either way, Maggie is certainly one smart dog.


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Smartest dog breed – The Border Collie

These athletic, independent dogs have excellent memories. And according to research, they are the smartest dogs on the block based on the ability to understand new commands in less than five repetitions and obey first commands 95 percent of the time or better. No wonder they they make such excellent working dogs.


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Smartest dog artists – Ziggy

Many pet owners have probably encouraged their dogs ‘to express themselves’ but few have been as successful as Tillie. A Jack Russell terrier and abstract expressionist, Tillie lives with her owner-cum-assistant Bowman Hastie in Brooklyn. Tillie has exhibited all over the world and has sold more than 100 of her paintings - fetching up to $2,200 each.


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Smartest police dog – Dox

One of the most talented Police Dogs of all time was a German Shepherd named Dox, nicknamed “Il Gigante” by Italian bandits. He could untie knots and unload a gun.  He even kept a child from being hit by a car.  Once, Dox cornered 12 criminals all by himself.  He kept them standing with their arms raised until police officers arrived and arrested them.


Smartest sniffers – Most dogs

Using their incredible sense of smell, dogs can be trained to find just about anything: explosives, drugs, landmines, and even cancer.  Incredibly, scientists have reported that dogs can detect if someone has cancer just by sniffing the person’s breath. Indeed dogs have proven to be better at detecting some cancers than CT scans.


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