Longest & tallest animals in the world

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 in Size

Tallest land animal – The giraffe

Giraffes are tall because their favourite snack is the rather thorny acacia tree. So they use their long, flexible necks to reach the young thornless leaves at the very top. The tallest giraffe on record was 19 feet high - more than five feet higher than a double decker bus.



Longest snake – The reticulated python

Marginally longer than the heavier South American anaconda, the Asian reticulated python can measure over 30 feet in length. Like the anaconda, this snake kills kills its prey by constriction. The longest on record measured 33 feet and was found in Indonesia. But even that length was dwarfed by the truly enormous, dinosaur swalllowing titanboa.


Longest nose – The elephant

When you’re in the wild, kneeling down to drink can be dangerous, even for a 10 ton elephant. Which is why nature blessed them with a multi-purpose 7 foot, 28 stone honker. An elephant can use its trunk to suck 3 gallons of water; kill a lion with one swipe or pick up a single grain of rice.


Longest arms – The gibbon

These cute apes (never call them monkeys!) have arms that are longer than their bodies and legs combined. They use their super-strong arms and bodies to swing through the trees and incredible speed. Their arms are so long that, on the ground, they cannot walk on all fours.


Longest tooth – The narwhal

This honour belongs to the Narwhal, which is a type of whale. This impressive sea creature possesses an extremely long horn which is technically an overgrown left tooth! Over ten feet in length, they are used for showmanship, courtship and oceanic sword-fights!


Are elephants really afraid of mice?

Answer : No, elephants are not afraid of mice. A popular myth was that an elephant might fear a mouse creeping into its trunk while asleep - stopping it from breathing. Apart from the fact that no mouse in his right mind would choose such a crazy place for a snooze, any sleeping elephant would easily smell such a suicidal rodent.

 However one little creature, elephants are scared of are honeybees. And for good reason. Aggressive swarms of bees have been known to send elephants running, or strictly speaking fast walking, for their lives.

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