Largest snake of all time – Titanoboa

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 in Size




The largest snake in all of history is this reptile, which was recently discovered in Colombia. The serpent was longer, wider and heavier than anything we’re used to today.


How big was it?

Bones found in a coal mine in Colombia belonged to no fewer than 28 mega-snakes, each estimated to be between 12 and 15 metres (40-50 feet), much longer than today’s longest pythons and anacondas which rarely top 10 metres (30 feet). Perhaps more impressive though was the snake’s 1 metre (3-feet) diameter, which made it thicker than many large trees.


What did it eat?

Essentially, when this monster snake was hungry it ate just about anything that it came across. As with modern constrictors the snake could swallow large prey including those with natural armour, such as crocodiles and giant turtles, which would be dissolved by acids inside the snake’s body.


How did it hunt?

Titanoboa was a crafty hunter. It would lay in ambush (in water or on ground) and strike! It would wrap its lengthy body around the unfortunate victim before crushing and squeezing the life from it. It would also consume fish and smaller creatures simply by opening its huge jaws.


When was it around?

It is thought to have existed around 60 million years ago during the Paleocene Epoch meaning it outlived the dinosaurs.


Anything else?

Titanoboa liked nothing better than getting a suntan. Okay, not quite, but the humongous snake lived in the tropical climate of modern-day Colombia, close to the sea. Scientists believe that the temperature of the region, which was hotter than it is today, aided in the growth of the reptile. With global warming upon us, perhaps today’s snakes might start developing a growth spurt.


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