Largest predator shark of all time – Megalodon

Posted on Apr 11, 2012 in Size


Jaws of the Megalodon









The largest predator shark in history

The megalodon shark is a fearsome prehistoric creature that lived millions of years ago and is by far the largest predator shark of all time.  (In terms of size, the sperm whale still would edge it as the biggest predator in the ocean.)


How big was it?

At around 50-feet in length, it was twice the size of the largest great white shark. And with teeth around 21cm long, this was, without doubt, the number one predator in the ocean.


Megalodon - Largest predator shark

Credit: Matt Martyniuk










What did it eat?

Anything it fancied. But given it needed a decent meal to power 45+ tonnes of raw power, its favourite food was probably whale.


How did it hunt?

The megalodon attacked its prey in the open sea near the surface, when it came up for air. There is some evidence to support that when tackling its prey, it would first disable it by biting off its flipper or the tail. Once unable to swim properly, the victim would be easy to finish off.


When was it around?

It is thought to have existed from 1.6 million back to 5 million years ago during the Cenozoic Era but some experts trace it back even further.


Anything else?

According to a team of scientists, the megalodon had the most powerful bite of any creature that lived. Indeed they estimated its bite was some ten times stronger than a great white shark and five times more powerful than a T Rex. And if it was about to bite you, the last thing you would have seen were its heart shaped serrated teeth that were over half a foot long. No wonder Megalodon means ‘big tooth’ in Greek!


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