Largest frog of all time – Beezlebufo

Posted on Apr 13, 2012 in Size

Beelzebugo - Largest frog of all time

Credit: Nobu Tamura














The largest frog the world has ever known is the prehistoric Beezlebufo. As well as having an enormous body this bulbous amphibian had an attitude to match, fitting for a creature known as the “devil frog”.


How big was it?

Dwarfing today’s largest frogs, this aggravated amphibian could grow up to 41 centimetres (16 inches) and weighed about 5 kilograms (10 pounds). Imagine that, a frog as big as a beach ball and as heavy as a bag of spuds!


What did it eat?

This prehistoric amphibian didn’t just flick its tongue at flies. No, Beezlebufo had a taste for much larger prey, including infant and hatchling dinosaurs. Its huge mouth and powerful jaws made easy work of such critters.


How did it hunt?

The camouflaged giant would patiently wait in ambush for its prey and strike when least expected. Beezlebufo’s angry temperament also carried over to its hunting, with this particular amphibian attacking almost anything it fancied.


When was it around?

Beezlebufo was found in the area today known as Madagascar some 70 million years ago.


Anything else?

Fossils found in Madagascar were a long way from Beezlebufo’s closest living relation, the horned toads of South America. This may provide scientists with proof that the continents of Africa, Asia and South America were all linked by Antarctica. Either that or Beezlebufo went great distances to get away from the family.


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