Take a look at biggest beasts, birds, fish and bugs on the planet.


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Whale shark

Green anaconda

Goliath beetle

Golitah bird eating tarantula

Ostrich – struthio camelus massaicus – flickr


Largest of all time

Twice as heavy as the biggest dinosaur,  the blue whale is the undisputed King of Big. Its heart is the size of a car, its babies are the size of hippos and it can grow to thirty times the size of an African elephant.


Largest dog

Currently, the biggest dog in the world is George the Great Dane who measures 7ft long, weighs 18st. The funny thing is…he’s terrified of chihuahuas


Largest cat

The magnificent Siberian tiger, or Amur tiger, is the largest natural wildcat. Found mainly in Eastern Russia it can reach over 3 metres (10 feet) in length. Larger still is the hybrid cat, the liger.


Largest shark

The enormous, yet harmless, whale shark that lives in tropical and warm oceans is not only the largest shark but also the largest fish alive today.


Largest snake

Although it is widely recognised that the reticulated python can grow longer, the green anaconda can stake claim to the title of largest snake due to its girth and weight.


Largest spider

The word’s largest and heaviest spiders are tarantulas and the daddy of them all is the goliath bird eating tarantula which can be found in the coastal forests of Venezuela and Guya.


Largest bird

The ostrich holds many records including being the world’s largest living bird and the fastest thing on two legs.


Largest beetle

A resident of African tropical forests, the goliath beetle is the largest and heaviest beetle crawling across the world today.



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