Fastest animals on land

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The fastest land animal in the world – The cheetah

A cheetah can  accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than 3 seconds. They can reach almost 70 mph and rely on their speed to catch gazelles and antelopes. Which is why they have a long tail for balance; a bendy spine for huge stride length; a small head  to lower wind resistance; black eye markings to reduce glare and non retractable claws for grip. More on cheetah


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Fastest on two legs – The ostrich

They may look ungainly but these 9 foot giants can run as fast as a racehorse. They have wide two-toed feet similar to a horse’s hoof and the longest legs of any bird. And when they spot danger, they don’t hang about! With their long, muscular legs powering them forward, ostriches have been clocked running across flat grassland at over 40 mph.


Fastest feet – The basilisk

This tiny reptile moves its feet so fast, that it can run on water at 7 mph. It doesn’t sink due to to its webbed feet, which allows it to spread its weight across the surface of the water.


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Fastest greyhound – Brett Lee

This honour probably belongs to Australian ‘wonder dog’ Brett Lee. In the final of the Adelaide Cup, this speedy greyhound raced at an average speed of just under 40mph.


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Fastest racehorse – Big Racked & Onion Roll

The fastest speeds ever recorded by a horse are Big Racked at 43.26 mph in a 1/4 mile race in Mexico City and Onion Roll at also 43.26 mph at Thisledowns Racetrack in Cleveland, Ohio.


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Fastest spider – The sun spider

Found in hot desert regions, this spider  is also known as the camel spider and wind scorpion. It can grow to about 6-inches in length and scuttle along the ground at a nifty 10-12-mph. These fast spiders have earned a fearsome reputation, especially amongst foreign soldiers stationed in desert regions who swear these spiders chase them.  The truth is, the sun spider is seeking out shade and is actually following their shadows! And the faster the soldiers run away, the faster the sun spider will run to keep in the shade.


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