Fastest animals in water

Posted on Sep 15, 2010 in Skills



The fastest fish in the world – Sailfish and the black marlin

Many regard the sailfish as the fastest fish in the sea. Built for speed, when swimming at top speed it folds its fins close to its body so that it can slip smoothly through the water. For short bursts, it is widely accepted a sailfish can reach 68 mph.  However recently some believe the powerful black marlin is a contender for the title. In fact, in the above video clip, the presenter claims the black marlin he is trying to catch and tag reached 80 mph.


© Lim Jerry –

Fastest over distance – The tuna fish

Over long distances, tuna fish are the true speed champions of the ocean averaging an impressive 45 mph. By comparison, the fastest speed a human swimmer can reach is about 5 mph.


Fastest shark – The mako shark

These speedy hunters range in length from 9 - 15 feet. Using their powerful tails as a rudder, they’re incredibly quick and agile and can reach speeds of over 45 mph.


© GregTheBusker – flickr

Fastest swimming sea mammal – The Dall’s porpoise

Also known as the white-flanked porpoise, this speedster lives in the northern Pacific Ocean and can reach speeds of 35 mph.


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