Cheetah vs. Allcomers

Posted on Mar 30, 2012 in Skills

Cheetah running at full speed

Nature’s speed machine – Catch me if you can

The cheetah is an out and out sprinter, built for speed with a flexible body and large stride.
Below we see how nature’s fastest matches up against a few other speedy performers.

Usain Bolt

Cheetah vs. Man – The 100 metre showdown
Usain Bolt might be the fastest man - but the cheetah would show him two clean pair of heels. A cheetah called Sarah ran the 100 metres in 6.13 seconds, a good three seconds ahead of the giant Jamaican (9.58). Chasing a toy lure, Sarah hit 60mph which is pretty impressive given she was eight at the time - positively middle-aged for a big cat like her.
© stephenhanafin – flickr
Cheetah vs. Sports car – In the fast lane
The Porsche 911 GTO can can reach 0-60mph in a cool 4.2 seconds. Impressive, but positively pedestrian when compared to the cheetah who can reach the same speed in under 3 seconds. Even more astonishing when you consider a cheetah reaches this speed on uneven terrain.
© Jeff Kubina – flickr
Cheetah vs. Racehorse – The ¼ mile
Thanks to its ultra-flexible spine, a cheetah can match a horse’s 20-25 feet stride length when flat out. And at full speed, the cheetah incredibly completes around 3.5 strides per second compared to a horse’s two. Meaning over a short distance  race such as the ¼ mile, the racehorse stands no chance.
© Kiwi NZ – flickr
Cheetah vs. Drag car – Drag car wins

Okay, the cheetah’s quick. But it’s not that quick!



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